Iran Defiant As Ever But Is Defiance The Road To Defeat?

The government of President Ahmadinejad continues issuing defiant statements which come close to daring other nations to unleash military action. Muammar Gaddafi, of Libya, who once tried that approach, warns the Iranian government, “What Iran is doing is pure vanity. If a decision is taken against Iran, it will suffer the same fate as Iraq.. Iran is no stronger than Iraq and will be unable to resist.” The reality is Iran’s oil areas could be bombed and production of the main source of revenue ended in a country where at least one out of three people lack meaningful work. There is no question Iran could fire missiles and some would cause serious damage, but the reality is counter blows by the American and Israeli air force would wipe out most Iranian centers of industry and communication.

Israeli General Daniel Milo told the press his nation has an effective response to all of Iran’s ballistic missiles. Israeli military experts did not see any significant technological breakthrough in recent Iranian missile tests. Iran boasts of new guided systems installed in the Shihab missile but Israel discounts there is any of importance.

Saddam Hussein overplayed his hand and boasted of his ability to handle any invading army, he is now dead. It is time for Iran to tone down the rhetoric of defiance and work with nations of the world. The alternative might be as Gaddafi points out, Iran will cease to exist.