Iran Defies The World-Does It Defy Intself?

The Iranian government defies its own people in their quest for a democratic government so it is not surprising President Ahmadinejad is defying the world. In response for demands by the United Nations to cooperate in development of nuclear energy, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Motakki uttered a belligerent challenge to the world. “The entire international community has be one more month left to decide whether or not it will accept Iran’s conditions. This is an ultimatum.” The real question is whether Iran is a far advanced in nuclear development as it claims and many experts do not believe the foreign minister can carry out his threat of creating an atomic bomb in the coming year.

The UN’s IAEA has offered Iran an opportunity to ship most of its low enriched uranium to either France or Russia who would process it into fuel for the research reactor. It increasingly appears as though Iran is headed for sanctions. At present, the Iranian economy has serious problems and with protests continuing it could create the potential for further violence as the government twists and turns in an effort to demonstrate control.