Iran Demands Islamic Seat In UN Security Council

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, demanded the UN be reconstituted to allow an Islamic nation to have a permanent seat in the Security Council in order to defend the interests of Muslims against foreign powers that seek to spread discord and violence. He stated, “despite enjoying great capacities, the Islamic world has been deprived of the power to defend itself.” He emphasized the only way for Islamic nations to become powerful is to unite and use their resources as a means to exerting their power. Once again, he made clear his nation’s nuclear program was solely for the purpose of peaceful use of atomic energy and there was no intention or goal to develop nuclear weapons.

The Ayatollah certainly has a point, but, unfortunately, it would be difficult to identify THE Islamic power that would sit in the Security Council. Obviously, Khamenei knows who that nation would be although being a Shiite nation, the vast majority of Muslims who are Sunni would hardly allow Iran to represent their interests. His comments reveal fundamental problems with Islamic nation being able to exert their will due to divisions and religious animosities that have nothing to do with the West or Israel, but with themselves.