Iran Demands Return Of Dissidents In Iraq

Iranian leaders are demanding return of members of the Mojahedn Kahiq Organization(MKO) who comprise Iranians at odds with the existing regime. Member of Paliament Esmaeil Kosari, said Iraq had no right to extend for six months departure of MKO fighters and should immediately deport them to Iran where they face trial, and, most probably execution. The MKO for years has conducted guerrilla style war against Iran in an effort to destabilize the government and lead to its overthrow. Some Iraqi MPs have urged the government to place MKO members on trial and then deport them to Iran. American forces have never taken any military action against a group which allegedly is engaged in terrorist activities — but, of course, since those ventures are against Iran it does not really count as an example of terrorism. It depends on who one is using terrorism against in the Bush view of life.

There is scant doubt returning MKO soldiers to Iran means a certain death, or, at best, years in prison. Most probably, the best solution is repatriating them to an Arab land which would allow them to enter. Does such a nation exist is the real queston.