Iran Divided By Anger And Distrust

There is always a price to pay when leaders act with brutality against those who stage peaceful protests because the end result is their admittance of being unable to intellectually or morally defend a position. Hundreds of pro-government and anti-government forces held separate demonstrations as Tehran was wracked with violence. Authorities called for national demonstrations to protest the ripping up of a picture of the late revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Khomenini. Protestors ran through the streets yelling the ever welcome, “Death to America” slogan that comes out regardless of what the protest is all about. Government officials have accused supporters of the “defeated” president candidate, Mirhossein Mousavi of deliberately tearing up pictures of the dead leader.

The bazaars closed as clerics shouted anger, the bazaars closed as students shouted their cries for freedom. Naturally, each side claimed to have a larger crowd. Then again, millions of votes for Mousavi were simply thrown away back in June when results showed that 65% “supported Ahmadinejad.” In Iran the question is always can one trust any figure, whether of a crowd or votes, when issued by the Ahmadinejad government?