Iran Drifts Toward Military Dictatorship?

Several years ago when American forces swept into Afghanistan the then president of Iran, Khatami, reached out to President Bush and offered an opportunity to resolve issues between his nation and the United States. Bush and his coterie of ignorant conservatives did not realize how negotiating with Iran could prove beneficial to the world and respond with his famous speech describing Iran as part of the “axis of evil.” We live with the consequences of American stupidity and ignorance since during the ensuing years the Iran military has grown more powerful, particularly within its national borders. The Iranian army is involved in many aspects of the economy and will not tolerate dissent on the part of reformers, even those who are members of the clergy.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a group of students in Qatar that the Revolutionary Guard Corps was on the road to becoming THE key power factor in government. She denied any intent on the part of her country to attack Iran, but also made clear the US and western nations could not stand by idly and do nothing. As she noted in an accurate description of Iran, “the president, the parliament, is being supplanted and that Iran is moving toward a military dictatorship.”