Iran Election Results — The Truth Or Fabrication?

Thousands of copies of an alleged secret document sent by the Interior Ministry to Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, the day after the election supposed reveal the real final results of the presidential election. Students are holding the document in their hands as they continue demonstrating for a government that truly reflects the will of the people. At least fifteen people have died at the hands of President Ahmadinejad’s thugs and apparently the army is now holding off from further attacks on students. Over fifty members of Parliament are demanding an investigation into the beating and killing of students at Tehran University and many others want an investigation into election tallies. There is a strange mood of anger, anxiety, fear, and optimism among Iranian students as they wonder if their march for freedom may actually result in change.

The alleged secret document sent by the Interior Ministry to Khamenei concludes with the following information: “therefore for your information only, I am telling you the actual results as follows:

Mirhossein Mousavi: 19,675,023

Mehdi Karrabi: 13,387104

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 5,698,417.

Are those actual figures? The figures prove the need for a complete recount of ballots.