Iran Gains Power By Israel Mistakes In Lebanon

Banafshenh Keynoush, former translator for President Ahmadinejaf of Iran said Israel’s invasion of Lebanon last year and inept Saudi Arabian policies have strengthened the hand of Iran in the Middle East. He noted a result of Israel’s failed invasion was to enhance the image of Iran which furnished aid and strengthen the power of Hizbullah which stepped into the void created by Israel’s destruction of homes, roads, and bridges by assuming responsibility for giving aid to people. Keynoush believes Saudi Arabia has lost influence because it gave Saddam Hussein $50 billion to support the invasion of Iran and it continues being connected to American foreign policy. He also noted Hamas and Fatah, two Palestinian groups maintain offices in Iran and work closely with Iranian officials.

The Bush policy of isolating Iran does not move America toward meeting its goals of a stable and peaceful Middle East. The United States has antagonized groups like Hizbullah and Hamas allowing Iran to step in and become a major supplier of money and arms. he is correct that Israel’s invasion of Lebanon only resulted in the death of hundreds without accomplishing the goal of rescuing two soldiers.