Iran Human Rights Defense Is Going On Attack

The cleric dominated government of Iran is among the world’s worst offenders of female rights and allowing fundamental opportunities for government opponents to freely express their views. Just about every month people are executed on the basis of limited evidence they are “spies.” After Canada dared to suggest the United Nations pass a resolution condemning the Iran government of violating human rights, the clerics rose to the challenge by employing an aggressive offense instead of dealing with the charges. Iran charged Canada was a hypocritical nation because of widespread abuse of its native Indian population. The proposed Canadian resolution dealt with repressing female rights, stoning to death women, executions of juveniles, discrimination against minorities such as members of the Bahai faith, and restrictions on freely practicing religious beliefs that differed with the Muslim faith.

Yes, there is discrimination against indigenous people in Canada, but the government is working to deal with those abuses. It is one thing to discuss issues of discrimination, it is another when women are stoned to death on grounds they committed adultery.