Iran, Iran, Let’s Talk

Hassan Rouhani has now been president of Iran for three months. He wished the people of Israel a happy new year, he made clear his desire to talk with someone about ending the conflict with Europe, with the United Nations and with the United States of America. Finally, the President of the United States exchanged letters with the President of Iran and there are no reports of the sky falling in. Naturally, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is upset because the US fired off a letter rather than firing off missiles. President Rouhani is the best opportunity for the world to engage in discussions rather than engage in conflict. There is no certainty that issues pertaining to development of nuclear energy in Iran can be halted. How about?

1. Acknowledging that Iran has the right to develop peaceful nuclear energy.

2. Requiring all nations in the Middle East, including Israel, to open their facilities to UN inspection of nuclear weapons.

3. Agree to reduce some sanctions on Iran as a good will gesture.

Baby steps can lead to giant ones.