Iran, Its Sad Story Continues

The people of Iran possess a well educated population, they possess excellent sientists and scholars who seek to create a modern society. However, they are led by a group of ancient thinkers seeking to use outdated ideas and views in the modern world. The Interior Minister announced the names of those eligible to run for president of the country next month. The name o f Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani does not appear even though he once led the nation. Neither does the name of Esfander Rahim Mashaei, close ally of current President Ahmadinejad. It is clear that Ayatollah Khamenei intends to control the leadership of Iran and he will only allow someone who obeys his will to become the president.

There was hope that Rafsanjani might open doors to negotiate with
Western nations and find a way out of the current impasse over nuclear weapons. That road is now blocked. There is slight hope that Iran can end its diplomatic isolation and access to the means of creating a dynamic economic system.