Iran Leader Charges US Seeks Conflict

Akbar Rasfanjaini, chair of the Expediency Council, in the Tehran Times, charged that the United States arms deals with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other nations, is creating tension and conflict in the Middle East. He believes American policy seeks to “provoke Arab nations against Iran” and argues there is need for calm in the region.

On one hand, the United States argues Iran does not wish to engage in discussions to resolve Middle Eastern problems, on the other hand, the United States arranges arms deals ranging in the billions of dollars to regional nations in order to thwart Iran. The Iranian government frequently talks tough and its president has a loud mouth which utters inane ideas, but Iran has not initiated war against anyone since fundamentalist religious leaders seized power in the 1970s. Sorry, President Bush, but Iran has NOT begun any wars. Despite this record Bush believes Iran is a military threat. I hate to tell the president, but the United States has initiated more military conflict in the region than any other nation.