Iran Makes Move To Cooperate On Afghanistan

During the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the Iranian government cooperated and provided intelligence information. At that point, there was a real opportunity to end old disputes and reach a common accord since Iran disliked the Taliban government in Afghanistan. George Bush rebuffed Iranian efforts at reconciliation, but the Obama administration is making concerted effort to establish relations with Iran. Richard Holbrooke, special envoy to Afghanistan chatted with Iranian delegate, Mohammad Mehdi Akhundzadeh at an international conference in The Hague. Akhundzadeh announced: “Welcoming the proposal for joint co-operation offered by countries contributing to Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran is fully prepared to participate in the projects aimed at combating drug trafficking and p lans in line with developing and reconstructing Afghanistan.”

Iran is being hit with drugs entering their nation and impacting youth. They also have scant love for the Taliban and would prefer a stable government to its north. The window is open to join together and deal with the drug issue. After that, it will be possible to explore other ventures for cooperation. A first step might be small, but it is a step away from Bush policies which alienated Iran.