Iran May Have Missiles To Reach Europe–So What?

A new report indicates Iran will have a capability by 2014 of sending missiles into Europe and within a decade would be able to hit the shores of the United States of America. The International Institute for Strategic Studies(IISS) forecasts this development because Iran was making robust strides in developing ballistic missiles even as it furthers its nuclear capabilities. IISS studies suggest the two programs may well be intertwined in order to produce an Iran which could threaten the world. There is growing evidence Iran will soon have the capacity to field intermediate-range missiles.

So, what does this mean for the world. If one takes the worst case scenario and Iran fired a missile toward Europe, the response by France and England (most probably also joined by Israel) would be a devastating attack on Iranian cities that would destroy a good part of its infrastructure and create millions of people seeking refuge from these attacks. It would be madness on the part of Iranian leaders to fire missiles anywhere knowing full well, Europe, the United States and Israel had the capacity to level the nation of Iran. At best, they could only hope for a one shot attack before destruction visited their nation. Granted, there are Muslim leaders who seek to visit Heaven, but would they wish that upon their nation?