Iran Missiles More Potent Than Previously Believed

The recent firing of missiles by Iran has been carefully monitored by American tracking systems in order to learn more concerning the capabilities of the Iranian military. It appears
Tehran’s long range Shahab-3 missile can go a distance of about 1,250 miles which is longer than what US military experts believed was capable of the Iranian armed forces. A major question that is still unresolved is the accuracy of the missiles. Secretary of Defense Gates said initial reports furnished him suggest the Iranian capability was somewhat further than previously believed. “The fact is they’ve just tested a missile that has a pretty extended range.”

US officials warned Iran they must cease making these provocative moves and focus on peaceful resolution of differences with the West. However, the Iranian missile test was most probably in retaliation for the Israel air force display a few weeks ago. Gates insists the Bush administration is still relying on diplomatic and economic approaches to obtain peace, but this is not the first time in history nations waved their weapons and a miscalculation resulted in war.

  • vamsee

    iran is a virtual nuclear power just like israil