Iran Murders Azerbaijanis

A new UN report reveals that Iran has been engaged in a program of mass murder of Azerbaijanis who are considered a threat to the government. On October 10 five Iranian Azerbaijanis were executed on grounds they were engaged in the drug trade. The Ministry of Intelligence and the National Security of Iran most probably tortured the five men as well as planting documents on them in order to provide a rationale for murdering them.

Three of the five men were Iranian Sunnis known as the “Sunni Turk” by locals. Their families claim the men were subject to psychological and physical torture. Sunni Iranians are a minority in Shiite Iran and mainly live in cities. Most are denied secondary education and few attend colleges. The UN report claims about 300 were executed in secret murders while they were in prison.

Unfortunately, there is nothing the world can do to prevent such murders.