Iran Non-Story For Today-Boycott European Goods!

Iranian Majis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel, called on the Muslim world to boycott goods from Europe because a European made a film and a European drew some cartoons. “The Islamic world’s best reaction(to the insults) is to boycott the countries that have allowed insults to Islamic sanctities.” He accused the West of being a “slave to money” and the center of anti-Islamic efforts. This is one of those non-stories which continually emanate from Iran about non-topics that are of no interest to anyone. Two persons among the four hundred million members of the European Union made a ridiculous film and drew some cartoons, and for some reason these actions now represent feelings of “the European Union.”

The current Iranian leadership has numerous problems to confront such as creating a vibrant economy or focusing on human rights in their own country without worryng about the work of a few people hundreds of miles away. It is one thing for a nation to insult antoher nation, but no government can control the activities of each and every person in their society and in a democratic nation, that would be illegal.

How about a boycott on boycotts over nothing? One wishes there was a sense of humor among Iranian leaders and they had the ability to laugh and ignore the actions of ignorant people.