Iran Offers To Meet With United States

A spokesperson for the Iranian foreign ministry, Ali Hosseini, said if Iraq makes a request for Iran to meet with American officials to discuss the situation in Iraq, his nation stands ready to carry out that suggestion. “Although we have not seen any changes in United States policies and behavior, we are prepared to help the Iraqi government and nation” by meeting with American diplomats. However, he expressed strong concern by Iran over reports an American military base is being established near the border of Iran. He felt such action would be provocative.

Iraq has established close ties with Iran. Both are Shiite nations and share common interests. The Bush administration has engaged in a non-stop policy of threats toward Iran. Perhaps, it is time for the United States to truly support Iraq by agreeing to its request for closer ties with Iran. This might be a first step toward resolving American conflict with Iran. Failure to take such steps might indicate the United States has no intention of peacefully resolving its issues with Iran.