Iran Prepares For Celebration And Violence

Today marks the 31st anniversary of Iran’s revolution which drove from power the shah and his record of brutality and oppression. Unfortunately, as all too often occurs in life, one brutality has been substituted for another. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hopes today will be a festive occasion and to help ensure no one will be shouting curses in his direction, security forces already have detained hundreds and will be prepared to send a baton to the head of anyone who dares shout opposition. All powerful religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has urged people to unite in a symbol of the nation’s unity against outside aggressive powers who seek to limit the country’s pursuit of atomic power development.

Iran’s police chief made clear “we will see a calm rally on February 11 and we will make all enemy plots fail.” And, to make certain of that “any deviant slogans will be neutralized by the people.” In English this means we will beat your God-damn head in if you dare to oppose the authority of the government. Former parliament speaker Karroubi who opposes the current regime, calmly said; “I feel we have to participate while maintaining the collective spirit as well as our identify and leave an impression.”