Iran Presidential Candidates Clash

The Iranian presidential campaign is producing anger and charges and counter charges as reformers claim President Ahmadinejad is out of touch with reality. In return, Ahmadinejad, insists that former reform president Khatami sold out his nation in 2003 for voluntarily agreeing to suspend nuclear development to avoid United Nations sanctions. His decision was termed by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as a “wise”one. But, Ahmadinejad who is under attack for a laggard economy has gone on the offense in an effort to cast his opponents as enemies of their nation and willing to sell out Iran in order to placate the West. Khatami has demanded an apology from the president, but it is doubtful if any will be forthcoming.

A key issue is the state of the Iranian economy. If Ahmadinejad can twist the campaign into a fight over nuclear power he will appeal to emotions and some will forget there is high unemployment and the economy is a mess