Iran Problems With Iranians

The world regards President Ahmadinejad and his government as a threat to world peace. However, the concept of a nation termed, “Iran” which is a Shiite society is a flawed understanding as to the composition of people in that country. There are minorities such as Kurds and they have never felt comfortable as members of a Shiite nation which seeks to impose its version of religion on each and every individual. The Bahai people within Iran are treated in a manner akin to how Hitler dealt with Jews in Germany. A Bahai lacks civil rights and confronts daily encounters with job denial,and prejudice in every walk of his life. Habibollah Latifi is a Kurdish fighter for human rights and now faces a death penalty. He was supposed to be executed on Sunday, but a crowd of 300 people gathered to protest the death penalty on a man whose only crime was standing up for Kurdish rights. Naturally, the Iranian government argues he is a member of the Kurdish Independent Party(PJAK) even though there is no evidence he ever participated in any violent action.

Iran is a divided nation. It has cultural divisions and it has social and economic divisions. The question is how strong are these divisions.