Iran Reformers Fight On!

Although intervention from Ayatollah Khamenei enabled President Ahmadinejad to obtain approval of his Cabinet from a reluctant parliament, Iranian reform leader Mir Hossein Mousavi continues fighting for the rights of his people. He called for protests against the fraudulent election to resume. “People, your friends are committed not to betray you on the path of fighting liars and fraudsters. With respect to this commitment, the only way that I recommend is to continue on the green path that you have followed in the past months…. with small and large gatherings, campaigns and questions.”

Over a hundred people are currently charged with “crimes” that most probably consist of not agreeing with the ideas of Åhmadinejad. Public protests have died down in the past month since students are back in school and pressure to avoid openly confronting authority is present. The strategy of Mousavi is focusing on family and friends to keep alive the principles of democracy in order to avoid having innocent people sent to jail and torture. It is a quiet soft revolution, but in the long term may be the most logical manner of proceeding.