Iran Refuses To Budge On Its Nuclear Program

There are times in life when the past intrudes into our present preventing changes because the power of previous anger and hate is too strong. The Iranian government refuses to budge from its basic principle of not halting efforts to pursue nuclear programs. Its spokesman, Hossein Eham, told visiting European Union foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, that if the package being offered includes “suspension” of their current nuclear efforts, “it won’t be considered at all. The position of the Republic of Iran is clear” that it intends to have its own nuclear program. Solana will publicly reveal the package in order to ensure there is debate within Iran on their policy of nuclear development. It is hoped there are clerics who might be interested in the generous terms for peaceful development being offered.

There may not be any change in Iran’s attitude until a new president is sworn in this coming January. Perhaps, a President Obama outreach to Iran might assist in changing attitudes. Iran’s clerical rulers are no fools and understand their nation is suffering due to lack of foreign investment.

  • Saint Michael Traveler

    Nuclear Fuel and Iran

    Israel advocates that Iran would be dangerous learning about nuclear technology; what if they use this knowledge sometimes in the future and make nuclear bombs. Israel, whose nuclear arsenals and airplane to deliverer the devices were subsidized mostly by USA, has been assured by both Republican and Democratic candidates that if Iranians would ever develop any nuclear bomb and if she would use the bomb on Israel, we will obliterate Iran to dust. All is fair. But, Iranians are not that stupid to risk their existence to a trigger happy Israel.

    They have said multiple times they are not developing nuclear bomb. They even have asked us to join them in an international consortium in their nuclear fuel cycle. Iran submitted a package to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in mid-May 2008 as well as to world powers, including Russia. The proposal suggests “the creation of uranium enrichment consortiums in various countries, including Iran.” It also requires that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) step up its supervision of nuclear sites around the world and asserts that more should be done to ensure nuclear programs would not diverted materials for fabrication of nuclear bomb. They want to generate electricity.

    Based on GlobalSecuirity.Org, in 1974, the German contractor Siemens began construction of two 1,200-1,300 megawatt electric (MWe) pressurized water nuclear reactors near Bushehr. The German program included 2100 German workers and roughly 7000 Iranian workers. The Shah of Iran intended that this program would provide Iran with the infrastructure essential for industrializing the country.

    During the Iran-Iraq War, Iraqi strike aircraft partially damaged both reactors despite reported Iranian efforts to deter such an attack by moving reactor fuel to the site. Iraqi warplanes first struck the Bushehr reactor on 24 March 1984, inflicting light damage. Two more Iraqi air strikes took place in 1985, one in 1986, two in 1987, and a final raid occurred in 1988.

    We were responsible for Iranian difficulty to rebuild and fuel their old nuclear reactor. Further Iran had serious difficulty to purchase fuel for their Russian rebuilt nuclear reactor. Iranians learned that their national energy independence demanded home grown nuclear fuel cycle development.

    But we have another way to look at this problem:
    USA indicates that would ever Iran need nuclear fuel, we will sell them at our price and our time. You know nuclear fuel is the oil of tomorrow. We want to keep our own nuclear fuel cartel. Wait until their oil wells go dry sometimes before 2025, they will come to USA begging for nuclear fuel, i.e. if we would allow them to have any nuclear reactor. Previously, we have not allowed them to purchase simple devices such as Geiger Muller counter. Don’t count on it. Nuclear reactor, selling to Iran, you must not be serious.

    Israel with the latest war machines and nuclear bombs would not be at risk from Iran. Iran is a developing nation trying hard to feed her people and recover from 200 years of British and Russian colonialism.

    Israel and USA are insisting that unless Iran stops their nuclear fuel cycle, jointly they will destroy their country. Be serious. It is all about management of international resources.