Iran Religious Leader Denounces US In Iraq

The meeting between Iraq’s Prime Minister Maliki and Iranian officials has added to the continued confusion as to who blames Iran for destabilizing Iraq. On one hand, President Bush and US military leaders complain Iran has been supplying terrorists in their effort to overthrow the Iraq government. On the other hand, Prime Minister Maliki goes to Iran and praises it for helping to stabilize his nation. Iran’s Supreme religious authority, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, denounced the United States as the cause for Iraqi instability. “The occupiers, who interfere in Iraq’s affairs through their military and security power without having the right …are considered the greatest problem.”

Perhaps, if the United States engaged in meaningful dialogue with Iran in conjunction with Iraqi leaders much of the confusion as to what exactly is the role being played by Iran might be clarified. There is no question Maliki has much more favorable views of the role of Iran in his nation than those possessed by the United States. Hopefully, a new president in January of next year might be able to build on the current Iraq-Iran friendship and move peace and stability forward in the region.