Iran Religious Leader Says No To Atomic Bomb

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei told visiting UN nuclear officials his country was not interested in deveopment of atomic bombs. “The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly announced that in principle, based on sharia law, it is opposed to the production and use of nuclear weapons.” He told Mohammed ElBaradei who heads the International Atomic Energy Agency it was time for the UN Security Council to cease demanding Iran be attacked for supposedly producing weapons that it has no desire to obtain. ElBaradei assured him Iran has every right “to use nuclear energy for developing the country.”

There have been numerous proposals to resolve this conflict, but, at heart, a major problem is continued inflamatory rhetoric from the Bush administration which apparently is bent on perpetuating a crisis for its own political ends. A new American president might well reach out to Iran and offer genuine negotiations in order to end the ongoing harmful dialogue which has gone on for too many years.