Iran Rocket — Russian Nyet!

Iran announced that it had fired a rocket which had a rather long range. The Russian government, which has been supportive of Iran in its conflict with the United Nations over a supposed nuclear weapon program, is upset at this latest development in Iranian weaponry. Russian deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyuko, noted: “Any movement in terms of creating such a potential weapon worries us and others. All the more since it raises suspicion toward Iran about its possible desire to create a nuclear weapon.” The Russian diplomat pointed out nations which develop such long range rockets are usually connecting them to a nuclear system.

The Russian government has used Iran as a ploy in fighting against the United States and the European Union, but its desire has always been to restrict Iran from having access to nuclear weapons. A nuclear Muslim Iran sitting on the southern boundary of Russia, a nation containing millions of Muslims, is not exactly what Putin and other leaders believes is healthy for the safety of their nation.