Iran Smashes Western Pigeon Spy Ring!!

There is no question Israel’s Mossad secret agency was behind the spy ring that was smashed by alert Iranian police. Security forces in Natanz arrested two suspected “spy pigeons” near Iran’s controversial uranium enrichment facility. One of the pigeons was caught near a rose water production plant in the city of Kahan and reports indicate it was carrying some metal rings and invisible strings were attached to the bird. Unconfirmed reports suggest the birds were wearing yarmulkes and spoke in Hebrew. It is believed the pigeons are undergoing interrogation by a Hebrew speaking member of Iranian intelligence.

One can never underestimate the brilliance of Mossad and Jewish spies. First, they use pigeons, next we can expect they will be sending in transvestites in order to confuse Iranian security. After all, a spy wearing a bra will be more difficult to interrogate. There are reports Tehran police are on the alert for dogs wearing collars which they believe were paced around the necks of the animals in order to take secret pictures of Iranian women whose legs are showing.

  • Hillary

    This reminds me of a cat blog that I saw somewhere on the internet. The camera has a camera attached to its collar which snaps a photo once every few minutes. When the cat comes home, the owner uploads photos from the camera onto the internet so everyone can share in its adventure for the day.

    Nothing explicit though.