Iran Still Defiant On Nuclear Development

Mohammad Khazaii, Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations expressed his nation’s refusal to cease uranium enrichment as a precondition to engage in discussions with the six powers. He also dismissed the chance of America or Israel as launching an attack on his nation’s nuclear energy program centers. “At the moment such an imprudent action has no supporter inside the united States,” he claimed. Khazaii denied rumors the major powers gave Iran a two-week time period to answer calls to rein in its nuclear program or face “punitive measures.” Iran has repeatedly ruled out suspending uranium enrichment as a precondition for talks with major power and insists such discussions will deal “only with major points.”

It is clear Iran will not agree to preconditions prior to entering into discussions. Turkey has been playing a key role in resolving disputes between Israel and Syria and reportedly has made some dramatic breakthroughs between the two enemies. We suggest Turkey be brought into the current dispute and asked to work in a mediating role between Iran and the major powers. We also suggest there be an end to “preconditions” since the goal is engaging in discussions, not testing another nation’s intentions.