Iran Supports Hamas Over Abbas

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said his nation’s legislature was pushing for an indictment against Israeli leaders on grounds they committed war crimes during the invasion of Gaza. He said there was now emerging a “new Middle East” which is predicated on the need to drive out all foreign powers from the region and the leadership of this movement has to lie in the hands of those elected by the Palestinian people. In light of the Hamas victory in the last election, he called for support of Hamas and urged people not to provide any financial or political support for the Abbas government.

Mottaki emphasized the right of Hamas to acquire weapons and indicated his nation would lend support to that effort. “The Western powers are in no position to say that resistance is not allowed to possess weapons when they had been competing to provide Israel with 300 tons of bombs.” Obama has indicated his willingness to engage in talks with Iran. Perhaps, it might also be necessary to involve a wider range of Middle Eastern and Muslim nations to ensure such a dialogue moves forward rather than getting bogged down in rhetoric.