Iran, The Texas Of Asia

I have never been able to understand why American conservatives do not like the government of Iran. For a group which seeks an eye for an eye and death is their solution to any crime, one would think Conservatives would regard the current Iranian government as the embodiment of what should be done to criminals. George Bush as governor of Texas presided over the execution of numerous men and refused to show any signs of clemency. Our former president would so enjoy heading the Iranian government which believes death or amputation should be imposed on those who transgress the law. A man known only as “Hamid” will soon lose and eye and have an ear cut off because he threw acid at a man named, “Davoud” which resulted in the loss of an eye and ear. Hamid claimed he had been bullied in high school and his family had to leave town in order to halt the constant attacks on their son. Hamid told authorities, he “couldn’t get over it”(the bullying) and bought acid. He waited for students to exit the high school, followed a boy named Davoud and threw the acid at him. Unfortunately, he threw the acid at the wrong person.

Iran handles criminals in a manner that should win praise from American conservatives. A thief had his hand cut off, a man who threw acid was blinded, and over 200 people have been executed the past year for crimes. Isn’t it about time we called Iran, “the Texas of Asia?”