Iran Threatens Retaliation If Attacked

The war of words and threats continues between Iran, the United States, and Israel. The Israeli air force practices bombing raids on some unspecified target, US warships patrol off the coast of Iran, and the Iranian government issues challenges and refuses to acknowledge genuine concern in the world over her nuclear program. Iranian oil minister, Gholam Nozari, said his nation would continue to sell oil even if attack, but would not take such an assault lying down and it would “react fiercely, and nobody can imagine what would be the reaction of Iran.” A senior commander of the Revolutionary Guards offered a somewhat different scenario in which his nation would take control of the Straits of Hormuz. American Vice Admiral Kevin Cosgriff said “we will not allow Iran to close it.”

Perhaps, the bombastic charges and threats and counter-threats are merely words being expressed to frighten enemies, but words can sometimes lead nations into actions they later regret. Any attack on Iran, justified or not, will undoubtedly result in complete destabilization of the Middle East. There are no winners in such a scenario, only losers.