Iran Tightens Pressure On Bahai Community

The ongoing attempt by Iranian officials to crush its Bahai community continues with the latest example of lies about a group whose main crime in the eyes of Muslim fanatics is believing in the oneness of humanity and acceptance of all people on an equal basis. the Iranian newspaper, Resalat, reported “seven Bahai individuals have set up illegal organizations with connections to a number of countries, including Israel and they have received orders from them to undertake measures against the Islamic system.” The so-called “confessions” were simply statements extracted through torture and intimidation of innocent people. Over the past twenty years at least 200 Bahais have been executed by Iranian authorities, usually on charges of being foreign agents.

The destruction of Bahai property and holy places continues on a regular basis because religious fundamentalists can not accept those living in their midst who advocate peace and love. Attacks on the community have increased since Ahmadinejad assumed office in 2004. Yesterday, three men and a woman were sentenced to death for their alleged connections to Israel.

Hopefully, one day the people of Iran will have gotten rid of the thugs who control their nation and use violence against the innocent under the guise of religion.

  • anonymous

    There is no evidence that any of them has confessed to any of the slanderous charges being made against them, whether under intimidation or not. They are such courageous individuals that they would most likely prefer to die rather than to make a false confession. So your article is misreporting it a little.

  • anonymous

    “The Baha’i International Community categorically rejects statements by an Iranian prosecutor that seven Baha’is detained in Tehran have “confessed” to operating an “illegal” organization with ties to Israel and other countries….”

  • Fred Stopsky

    For some reason you misinterpreted my article. To “confess” under torture does not mean anyone lacks bravery. f it is any consolation, any sensible caring human knows the entire process is Iranian bigotry and prejudice in action against decent humans.