Iran Today, A Friend?

The ongoing saga of relations between Iran and the world continue, but Iranian negotiators are claiming the conflict can be resolved fairly shortly. Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, insisted the negotiations only require a “few more steps” in order to reach an agreement. “I believe we’ve come very far in the last three rounds” and the last part of the process can be achieved in Geneva. An unnamed US official told journalists that an interim agreement was in reach. “I do see the potential outline of a first step.” France, England, the US, and Germany, along with Russia and China are working together with Iran. THAt is an achievement which can only work toward world peace.

Iran wants an agreement that ensures their right to pursue a nuclear program. Surely, if Israel can pursue nuclear energy programs, similar opportunities should be made available to other Middle Eastern nations? How about a Middle Eastern Nuclear Consortium which enables all countries in the region to develop this resource?