Iran Uncovers Terrorist Plot

The Iranian government once again has thwarted attempts by Mossad and other Israel agencies to forment revolution in their nation. A scheduled concert in the city of Tabiz has been cancelled after it was discovered that two women were in the music group. Iranian law only allows women to be in a musical group if the audience is for women or the woman is singing solo. Undoubtedly, God is on the look out for evidence of sloth and lack of belief in his words of wisdom. The government agency which cancelled the concert also made note the concert was sold out which meant there could be a riot and hundreds might die or get injured. It is wonderful having a government which constantly is on the watch for ways in which it could assist people.

First, we allow women to play a musical instrument in a band, next the woman is directing the band, and eventually only women are in the band and men must do the cooking and cleaning.