Iran Urges Caution

Members of the Democratic party and the Republican party are aghast that Iran is moving in the direction of a nuclear development program. According to leaders of these parties it must be the policy of the United States of America to prevent any Middle Eastern nation from possessing weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear bombs. I applaud this stance. Of course, the ONLY nation which is in possession of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons is: ISRAEL! I certainly hope that Democrats and Republicans will issue statements deploring Israel from being in possession of weapons of mass destruction. Ironically, the government of Iran–in contrast to Israel– has publicly made clear that it does NOT seek weapons of mass destruction nor does it seek development of nuclear weapons. For some reason, when Iranian officials deplore weapons of mass destruction they are accused by the American Republican and Democratic parties of being for weapons of mass destruction.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani once again made clear his government’s opposition to weapons of mass destruction and development of nuclear weapons. He said “the Islamic Republic will not develop nuclear weapons out of principle.” He made clear to Iranian military leaders they should be careful in what they say about war or the use of missile training exercises. Sending a missile might result in the missile “bursting into flames and would wreck havoc.”11

So, the nation which wants to end use of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear development is accused by the US of wanting to do this, but the nation which is NOW in possession of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear bombs is hailed as a paragon of virtue and peace!!!