Iran Urges Nations To Assist Creating Peaceful Iraq

Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki urged Iraq’s neighbors to assist the country in its struggle to establish peace and end militant actions. He said the current situation makes it imperative that all nations in the region support the government of Prime Minister Maliki. “The Islamic Republic(of Iran) is highly suspicious,” he said, “of the role of occupyng forces in provoking conflicts.. and Iraq’s political and security woes. It believes that the Iraqi government can better resolve the crises witout the interference of outsiders. Iran firmly believes that leaving the matters in the hands of Iraq nation and its elected government and providing the country’s military and security forces with proper equipment will pave the way for the swift settlement of security and political problems.”

Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki chided regional states for failing to provide aid to his nation such as reducing or eliminating debt owed to them. He urged them to open embassies in Baghdad as a show of support to his government. No ambassador from an Arab state has an embassy in Baghdad since an Egyptian envoy was kidnapped and killed in 2005.

On one hand, the Bush administration charges Iran with fostering violence in Iraq, on the other hand, the government of Iraq praises Iran for its contribution in helping their nation become stable and fight terrorism. Perhaps, it might be beneficial for the Bush administration to get together with the government of Iraq in order to find out who exactly is the enemy. Iraq and the United States have widely differing views on who is aiding terrorism in the region.