Iran Warns Against Talks With Taliban

Among the ignorant remarks made by George Bush and John McCain is the threat of Iran which they believe is a force of creating tension in the region. Of course, the Iran Khatami government provided assistance to American forces when they invaded Afghanistan because the Taliban were the enemies of Iran Shiites. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki warned the West against conducting peace negotiations with the Taliban. “Today, the whole wold knows about the strategic failure of foreign forces in Afghanistan and we advise them not to try a new failure.” He urged careful consideration of a policy that would bring the Taliban to power.

A tragedy of American foreign policy under George Bush, and one supported by John McCain, was failure to reach out to Iran which hated the Taliban and secure their support in crushing that organization. America made a mistake, and, perhaps, this time it might be beneficial to involve Iran in discussions on how to contain the Taliban. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  • Tim Marshall. London

    Talks already underway via the Saudi’s. and the Americans are relaxed about it. There’s no way they’ll let the Talibs back in power – they just want to split the radicals from the total radicals…

  • Fred Stopsky