Iran Warns Israel On October 12th It Will Reveal Retaliation

The Iranian government warned Israel that any attack upon its territory would result in an Iranian air and missile bombardment of Israel. Spokesperson Gholam Hossein Elham said Israel and the world will be provided further information on Iran’s plans on October 12– the last Friday of Ramadan which is now known as “Qods Day”– a day on which to protest Zionism. Deputy air chief General Mohammad Alavi told the Fars news agency, “We have drawn up a plan to strike back at Israel with bombers if this regime(Israel) makes a silly mistake.” He also said Iran now possesses an upgraded version of the Shihab-3 missile which has a range of 1,200 miles. General Alavi warned the United States, “Now we possess the necessary systems to confront them(cruise missiles).” The Fars news agency turned down AP requests for a tape of the general’s comments.

Many American Jews continue believing George Bush is a friend of Israel. If Bush follows through with his alleged plan to attack Iran, it will be a disaster for Israel and the entire Middle East. As Iranian bombs fall on Israel, the Israel air force will be bombing Tehran. The Iranian population will gather round their incompetent president and transform a man who has lost support within his nation into an instant hero. Lost in these scenarios about bombing is the reality that Arabs live in close proximity to Jews and thousands will die.

Where are leaders of the Democratic Party as the escalation of words leads America forth into a new disaster? Haven’t they yet learned not to trust any Bush claim about WMD?