Iran Wins Friends And Influences People

The president of Afghanistan was in Tehran last August and as his plane waited to depart a nice man, Iran’s ambassador to Afghanistan, appeared, sat down next to President Karzai and his chief of staff, Umar Daudzai and delivered a nice package of money. The Iranian gentleman delivery of money was seen by many and accepted by many as just a normal action. Everyone knows Mr. Daudzai is the Iranian man in the Afghan government. Iran gives money to Afghan leaders who use the money to pay off whomever they need to pay off, tribal chieftains, but most of all, to make certain their man in Kabul represents their interests. I am not the brightest person in the world, and would appreciate if President Obama could explain to me –and the American people– why American foreign policy is hostile to the government of President Ahmadinejad, but we allow the Iranian government to bribe a government we are fighting to defend! Most probably, Iran is playing both sides in the war, giving aid to the Taliban as well as to the Karzai government. And, in the middle of intrigue and deceit and bribery sits the men who lead Afghanistan. The real question is where do they lead the country?

Ten years ago Iran had two enemies–Afghanistan and and Iraq. Thanks to the brilliant planning of George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld the enemies of Iran are gone. After the Americans spent years and three trillion dollars of their money as well as the lives of five thousand young men and women, the United States wiped out Iran’s enemies and invited its government to take over those countries. A brilliant piece of diplomacy. I wonder if any Tea Party folk will begin charging that George Bush was a secret agent of the Iran government??