Iranian Cleric Slams Ahmadinejad

During the past weeks, at least two of the candidates for president of Iran have sharply attacked President Ahmadinejad for his aggressive statements they deem bombastic and not helpful to the future of their nation. Iran’s conservative presidential hopeful, Mohsen Rezai, who once led the radical Revolutionary Guards, described his foe as having language that is “adventurous” and has resulted in three sanctions being imposed which can only serve to halt the nation’s economic development. “I believe the West and the United States need us today. We have to exploit their need to serve our national interests,” emphasized the cleric. He also slammed Ahmadinejad to throwing money around the country as part of his re-election campaign and lacking a coherent economic development policy.

A revolution inevitably calls forth more conservative voices who see the danger of unchecked violence that leads only to destruction of their nation’s resources. It is apparent an increasing number of powerful clerics in Iran want to focus on their nation’s economic development, not their nation’s rhetoric development. This opens the door for peace in the Middle East.