Iranian Film Star Punished For Film

Iranian-Australian actress, Marzeih Vafamehr appeared in an Australian-Iranian film which was shot on location in Tehran in 2009. “My Tehran for Sale” depicted the life of an Iranian actress who encounters problems attempting to be a movie star and it goes behind closed doors in Tehran in order to depict the lives of young people who dislike the clerical run society in which they live. The film won several awards when it came out in 2009. Attempts to get the film shown in Iran met with anger on the part of censors although some bootleg versions are being shown.

Ms. Vefamehr, whose family left Iran in 1997 in order to live in Australia, was arrested when she returned to Tehran and now faces a one year prison sentence along with 90 lashes for daring to depict Iran in other than the best of all lights. The clerics who rule Iran are the clerics who dislike honesty and an open society. Lashes went out in the 19th century throughout the world–except for in modern Iran!