Iranian Government Reviews Spy Case

The case of Roxannoa Saberi, an Iranian-American who was placed on trial for spying, is causing members of the Iranian government to consider if their ploy to create tension has backfired. The Iranian judiciary ordered a full scale investigation into the alleged spying and even allowed her mother to see Roxanna in jail. Most probably, senior Iranian officials either did not know the trial would take place or were shocked at the outcome which was bound to anger America just as President Ahmadinejad was seeking to engage in conversations. The one day trial behind closed doors was a farce as were the charges. The unknown is whether rogue elements of the Iranian government decided to sabotage Ahmadinejad’s efforts to reach out to the west by creating a crisis that was bound to make such efforts difficult to achieve.

Just last week, Ahmadinejad said his nation was ready for serious discussions with the United States. Within days of his announcement, some Iranian officials pulled off this quick trial and severe punishment. If Ahmadinejad was interested in dialogue, why would he support such a trial and verdict? Who knows what is going on in Iran?