Iranian Hopes, Bibi Fears

The government of Iran continued its efforts to reach some form of agreement with western powers in order to end sanctions and become part of the world community. A senior US official said for the first time in decades negotiations have reached the point “where one could imagine that you possible could have an agreement.” The new Iranian proposal has a level of seriousness and substance” that offers hope. Iran might be willing to provide western nations of proof that its nuclear program is geared for peaceful purposes. As one western official pointed out, in prior discussions, “Iranians came to make speeches,” but now “everything was on the table and we discussed everthing in depth.” Iran is now willing to limit its nuclear efforts for peaceful purposes in exchange for an end to sanctions.

Naturally, this is bad news for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who insists the US and other western nations can solve any problems with a few bombs. Bibi is against atomic bombs in the Middle East unless they are Israeli a bombs. He demands UN inspection of nuclear sites except for Israel sites.