Iranian Mother To Die–By Hanging

People of the West are quick to condemn the government of Iran for its efforts to wipe out misbehavior. The West has this curious idea that women who have affairs with men maybe guilty of adultery, but such is life. After all, how many Muslim men right now have had affairs with women, other than their wives? Ms. Sakineh Mommadi Ashtiani has been imprisoned for over a year over allegations that she had sexual intercourse with a man that was not her husband. She was condemned to be stoned to death and the world protested this barbarism. Of course, Western and Eastern and African folk are simply out to condemn the government of Iran for dealing with immoral behavior. After all, in many respects their beliefs on morality are not that different from many right wing conservatives in the United States. After originally being charged with adultery, Ms. Ashtiani is now charged with getting a man to kill her husband.

Reality is Iran intends to kill this woman–for being a woman. She will die in order to satisfy the desire of Iranian Muslim men to prove they alone possess the truth of God. In their view, God ordered them to stone to death any woman who slept with a man outside of her marriage. I guess God is not as concerned with men who sleep around, but, then again, they are men and men have sexual desires.

I wonder how the Iranian court would react to a woman who discovered her husband with another woman and then killed the both of them. Does she get a free pass to heaven for being righteous?