Iranian Opposition Leader May Lead Self To Jail

There are men and women in Iran who fought to free their country from the corrupt and brutal regime of the Shah and now discover themselves having to fight against their former allies in the quest for freedom who decided to emulate the Shah in terms of brutality. Mahdi Karroubi, who once was part of the government, now takes the courageous stand against it because he believes President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made a mockery of all they fought for thirty years ago. “The judiciary, which….. is required under the constitution to defend constitutional freedoms of the citizens, has become an instruction in the hands of the ruling system and security and military agencies. Instead of providing security to the people, the judiciary has turned to intimidation and imprisonment.” He also lambasted Ahamdinejad’s incompetent domestic policies which continue to produce greater poverty rather than stimulate the economy to produce wealth.

Karroubi is a brave man. Most probably, it is merely a matter of time before Ahamadinejad grows tired of a former revolutionary comrade who seeks to restore the ideals of those who overthrew the Shah rather than the ideals of those now in charge who seek to restore the Shah’s policy of torture and death to opponents.