Iranian Opposition Leader’s Wife Blasts Khamenei

The wife of a major opposition leader accused Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of allowing violence to be directed against citizens of his own country. Fatemeh Karroubi told him in a letter that her son was beaten inside a mosque while praying by members of the hard line security forces who continually resort to violence when confronting protestors. “They beat him up and insulted him along with the other people arrested. This happened in the house of God.” She was furious at the resort to violence by leaders of her own nation. After her son was seized in a mosque, he was taken to a security base where further punishment was inflicted and sent away with a warning that next time “his family would receive his corpse.”

Mrs. Korrubi asked the Supreme Leader to help Iranians and halt violence against them. But, how can violence end when the so-called Supreme Leader is the director of the brutality?