Iranian Political Dissidents Plead With Obama!

In a strange twist of history, over 50 Iranian political prisoners sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging that he lift sanctions and work with newly elected President Hassan Rouhani in order to resolve conflict between Iran and the Western world.These men are in prison, many enduring difficult conditions, but they understand the importance of altering attitudes and moving in the direction of peace and reconciliation. “We believe the time has come for our two countries to turn a page and start a new era of mutual understanding.” The men are upset at actions of the US Congress to support more sanctions even as President Rouhani is making clear his desire to engage in negotiations. As the dissidents point out: “the scantions have now turned into collective punishment imposed on the Iranian people as a whole, not the government only.”

The signatories made clear to Obama that rouhani is “a politician known to be a frim believe in dialogue.” For God’s sake, focus on negotiations, not threats. Unfortunately, the US Congress listens to the Israel Lobby and the angry threats of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who refuses to negotiate in good faith. It is time for: Jaw Jaw-Not War War!!