Iranian President Leads Anti-US Rally

A day after Dick Cheney left Dubai, the Iranian president appeared and told a cheering crowd that America was to blame for creating instability and robbing the region of its wealth. He bluntly told America:

“We are telling you to leave the region. This is for your benefit and the benefit of your nation…The nations of the region can no longer take you forcing yourself on them. The nations of the region know better how to create peace and stability.” Ahmadinejad’s visit was the first by an Iranian head of state since Dubai became independent in 1971. His appearance, a day after the quiet Cheney visit in which the vice president avoided contact with the people of Dubai, illustrated the bold foreign policy being implemented within the region by a growingly confident Iran.

“Every time your name is mentioned, hatred builds up,” Ahmadinejad said of the United States. “Go fix yourself. This is Iran’s advice to you. Leave the region.” A woman in the crowd shouted “I love you” and Ahmadinejad responded with a polite “thank you.” Dubai is home to about 500,000 expatriate Iranians, including thousands who fled the Islamic regime in Tehran, but the crowd appeared to be genuinely in favor of Ahmadinejad and frequently interrupted his speech with cheers and cries of “Down with the USA;” “Nuclear energy is our right.”

There is something sad about an American political leader who creeps into a country, maintains a low profile and sneaks out compared to his enemy who openly arrives and blasts the United States before a cheering crowd. Ahmadinejad is right about one point, most people in the region want America to leave. Now, if they can just persuade our president to follow their advice, our troops will be home within months.
Information from China Daily