Iranian Reformers Question Election Results

Reform opponents of Pesident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad questioned the process by which votes were counted in the recent election that witnessed conservative candidates obtained nearly 70% of the vote. They were particularly upset that conservatives won all 19 seats from Tehran despite the presence of many young students and intellectuals who oppose the conservative regime of Ahmadinejad. Former President Mohammad Khatami and ex-parliament speaker Mehdi Karoubi, both leading reformists, called for a recount because of “worries regarding the outcome of elections in Tehran and in order to prevent any possible violation of rights.”

Reformers were prevented from running their own candidates in many districts due to their nominations being blocked by the Guardian Council which opposes true reform in Iran. However, even though conservatives won an overwhelming majority, many in the conservative camp oppose the current president’s policies and want changes.

Iran struggles with a huge population of young people whose aspirations for education and employment is blocked by the current inept economic and political policies of Ahmadinejad who has caused sanctions to be imposed against his nation.