Iranian Revolution Devours Its Children

Among the ironies of the current situation in Iran is the fate of many who were leaders in the 1970s in the Islamic revolution which overthrew the Shah of Iran. In their youth, these men fought for freedom and assumed once they were in power, the people of Iran finally would enjoy the benefits of life in a democratic society. During the initial decade, these men went along with the ever increasing power of Islamic clergy who simply wanted to transform the revolution into one in which clerics had power, not the people. Mohammad Khatami was among those who fought for freedom and eventually became president of Iran. He endeavored to foster a more democratic society. but it was too late since clerics now had the power to decide who could or could not serve in government.

Over the weekend, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khatami, father of the former president had his grave defaced because his son is currently challenging the clerical establishment. To those who seek freedom, beware, the freedom you obtain may well be the freedom that eventually robs you of your rights.